miércoles, 22 de agosto de 2018

Tres pintures i una foto de la meva habitació " minimalista-feng-xuí"- Josep Grifoll

Mil gràcies Estel de Pols per traduir-me !!!!!!!!!!!

An instant has said
who has told us a life
to be her, to make us.
And he has told us,
and then he has taken us here
for the paths of thousand moons - you know,
to discover ourselves. And once discovered
of everything that has covered us, to be free,
free to be there, free to be
In this life he has told us
And do not stop to do it, to make us
that, why do not we live it ?,
what, what did she do us
if we have given all of it
which can not be more?
And we are And you know And I already know.
And we give ourselves