sábado, 26 de mayo de 2018

Josep Grifoll traduit a l' anglès per Patricia Samper. Mil gràcies i +!!!

I already fell in love, I went through the ocean and fucked in a confessional.
I already went up to the highest tree of all the trees in the universe before they cut it.
I've already been drinking bars and dance nights and reculpat of everything.
I've had everything, I've already lost everything. And There's no such difference.
I already did the crazy and I've already been.
I've already surrendered, I already cheated, I believed everything and descregut too.
And There's no such difference.
I've already burned containers and blowing candles, and lit candles.
I slept inside you and I've been dead.
I've already flown and I've starry and I've been lunatic and Martian.
I've already seen Patti Smith and read in the bolaño.
I've already drunk oil and puke centpeus.
I already sold, I already bought, I already prostituït and gone whoring.
I've already punished and repent, I've already combregat and made bell of all schools.
I've already sung the men and the women and the beasts and the trees and the moon and udolat.
I've already shipwrecked and slipped, I've already arrived and I've gone.
I'm gone and I'm back. I've already lost and I've elevated. I've already drugged
And I liked it. I saw how my chest opened up and out of blue light.
He has already given me millions of laps his head and bategat both the heart that they call him Ferrari.
I've already made love and undone hatred.
I've already stabbed and I've sargit scars.
I already lost for all the ficcions and rehabilitated of all realities.
I've already stepped on the garden of joys and naked in the middle of all the squares.
I've already contemplated the spectacle of the swallows and the wisdom of the trees.
I already went down to hell and we're all relatives.
I've already been to heaven and it's here.
I've already spent the night at the station and the trains didn't let me sleep.
I've already cheated, I've already asked for forgiveness and forgiven everyone.
I've already seen an autopsy and a birth. And the prota seems to suffer more at the second.
I've already played cuca-hide and got me to the first or haven't seen me anymore.
I've already stayed without tears and busted the floating eyes of pollux.
I've already lost the best and found in a puddle, and I jumped.
I already escaped from the mirrors and looked at the truths to the paper that doesn't shut up.
I already made a hole in my head and broken a foot.
I've already stolen the rich and given to the poor.
I had a bath with tritons and showered with champagne.
I've already tried the sado, masochistic and drunk pis.
I have already made the most precious kiss in the world on a portal at midnight while plovia to the girl of the one I most fell in love with and I have exploited of happiness.
I've already painted walls and mailboxes and streets in the name of love.
I know I don't know anything, and I want it like that.
I've already been the werewolf and I wound up with the woman panther.
I've already broken crystals, thrown eggs and tapping wheels.
I've already been forced to be braver than what I'm worth.
I've already had a life, and I've lived it, everything that comes from now is an added gift.
Josep Grifoll